Religious Leaders Unite to Blast Cahill

May 29, 2010

Author: Michael Levenson

Source: The Boston Globe

Catholic, Protestant, Jewish, and Muslim leaders, adorned in the vestments of their respective faiths, stood shoulder to shoulder on the steps of a Roxbury mosque yesterday and strongly condemned state Treasurer Timothy P. Cahill for blasting Governor Deval Patrick’s conciliatory tone at a forum at the mosque last weekend.

Yesterday’s gathering included leaders from the Archdiocese of Boston, the Greater Boston Interfaith Organization, the Massachusetts Council of Churches, some of Boston’s most prominent black churches, and several Jewish temples.

One by one, they strode to a microphone in front of an audience of several hundred members of the mosque and said they were incensed that Cahill had equated Patrick’s support for the Muslim community to “playing politics with terrorism,’’ had accused the governor of “pandering to spe cial interests,’’ and had chastised Muslim leaders for not doing enough to rein in radicals.