Religious Leaders from Bradford Issue Multifaith Statement of Condemnation

July 8, 2005

Source: Yorkshire Today

On July 8, 2005 Yorkshire Today reported, "Amid fears that British Muslims might be at risk of reprisals following suggestions an al-Qaida group in Europe may be responsible for the attacks, religious leaders in Bradford said they were standing together against such atrocity and relied on the good sense of the community. A joint statement on behalf of the Christian, Hindu, Jewish, Muslim and Sikh faiths by Bishop of Bradford David James, Mr R Pal Johar, Mr Ken Fabian, Mr Sher Azam, president of the Bradford Council for Mosques, and Mr Mohinder Singh Chana said: 'As religious leaders in Bradford, we pray for the victims and the grieving families of those caught up in this unspeakable horror. Such an atrocity impacts indiscriminately on people of diverse faiths, adults and children alike. We salute the courage, compassion and selfless labours of the emergency services, whose humanity shines out amidst such a dark, pitiless and unforgiving cruelty.'" The full text of the multifaith statement condemning the attacks can be viewed at