Religious Hate Crimes Have Increased in Glasgow Since 9/11

November 16, 2005

Source: The Scotsman

On November 16, 2005 The Scotsman reported, "Religious hate crimes have increased in Scotland's biggest city since the Twin Towers terrorist attacks, a report has said.

The 9/11 outrage marked a turning point in Glasgow when racial intolerance and abuse turned into more religiously-motivated attacks.

People wearing distinctive religious clothing or symbols were a particular target, said the report. All religious groups saw Muslims as the group under most pressure.

But Sikh, Hindu and Jewish communities were also suffering attack, threat or abuse, said the report.

The findings came in a study commissioned by the Scottish Executive and Glasgow City Council. The study examined relations between religions in the city, and gathered information to be used by an 'inter-faith liaison officer' with the council."