Religious Groups Speak Out Against War with Iraq: Mar. 2003

March 26, 2003

Source: Malibu Times

On March 26, 2003 the Malibu Times reported that "as the United States-led invasion of Iraq continues, several of Malibu's religious leaders are addressing the war publicly with their congregations. All agree that any war is an unfortunate occurrence and must only be used as a last resort, and all are praying daily for a quick end to the conflict and for minimum casualties on both sides. However, based on their faith, many are questioning whether this is a 'just war...' A similar sentiment came from Nadadur Vardhan, Secretary of the Malibu Hindu Temple... 'The Bhagavad Gita says that you must fight violence with violence, but the cause must be just,' Vardhan said... He went on to say that this is not a 'just war' because he feels the U.S. cannot attack alone without global backing. Vardhan stressed the need for checks and balances before taking military action and suggested that there was perhaps more moral justification for the removal of other dictatorships."