Religious Groups Give New Students Support

July 28, 2008

Author: Annie Meredith

Source: The Missourian

Settling in a new town usually calls for a search for new services and new acquaintances. In your quest for new hangouts, new friends and teachers, a new bank or a new doctor, you might discover that you no longer have a church or worship service to attend. Don't worry, you newly proclaimed Tiger, you're in luck. Mizzou offers a wide array of religiously affiliated groups such as the Buddhist Association at MU, the Jewish Student Organization, Latter Day Saint Student Association and Campus Crusade for Christ.

Several different denominations such as Baptist, Lutheran, Evangelical Lutheran, Catholic and Buddhist offer student groups. There are also several non-denominational Christian organizations such as Veritas, which is a campus ministry that holds weekly meetings Tuesdays at 8 p.m. It offers Bible studies, retreats, social events, conferences, service opportunities and mission trips.