Religious Diversity in Schuylkill County, Pennsylvania

July 15, 1999

Source: The Morning Call

On July 15, 1999 the Morning Call published an article entitled, "Cultural Diversity to be Tracked: Researchers Will Study Religious Diversity in Schuylkill." The article reported that researchers, E. Allen Richardson and Catherine Cameron, from Cedar Crest College in Pennsylvania are working in conjunction with Harvard University to track what changes a Hindu temple has brought to the mostly Christian community of Summit Station, Pennsylvania. "The researchers will first look at how the Pottsville-area Christian community has adapted to the new religious group. 'We will be looking at the way traditional cultures interface, especially ones that are very different from each other,' said Richardson, an associate professor of religious studies... The major differences in beliefs between the highly Christian coal region and the temple's members provide a unique opportunity to analyze extreme religious diversity,' Richardson said... The goal of the research is not just to examine group interactions... After information gathered from the locations, 'we may be in a position to make recommendations' for community reconciliation, she (Cameron) said.' "