Religion a Hurdle in Shabana’s Bid to Find a House in Mumbai

August 18, 2008

Author: Jawed Naqvi


Indian actress Shabana Azmi claimed in an interview on Sunday that she and her celebrity husband Javed Akhtar had been unable to find a new house for themselves in Mumbai because they are Muslim.

“If Shabana and Javed Akhtar cannot find a house in the most cosmopolitan city you can imagine what must be happening with the ordinary Muslims elsewhere,” she said in a TV interview on CNN-IBN channel. “I have read a report about Saif (Ali Khan) being denied a house.”

While communal prejudices had forced Muslims to live in ghettoes, she said, India was a country of contradictions and Muslims were doing well too, “including all the Khans who rule the film industry.”

The actress has served as a nominated MP in the Rajya Sabha and is known for her outspoken views against religious bigotry, which are particularly aimed at the Muslim clergy. Her comments about communal prejudices are not dissimilar to the reasons sometimes given to explain why Pakistan has been unable to find an office for its consulate in the country’s business capital.