Reinstitution of Religious Degree Causes Buddhist Lamas to Hit the Books

August 29, 2005

Source: People's Daily Online/Xinhua

On August 29, 2005 Xinhua reported, "The young monk's dream is to obtain a religious degree in Gexe from the yellow sect Gelugba school of the Tibetan Buddhism. Namgyai said that the degree, which is like a religious doctorate, has been a popular topic among his fellow monks since the examination system for it was restored last year... Examinations for Gexe were suspended in 1987 after a riot in Lhasa, the regional capital of Tibet, was timed to coincide with that year's examination. In the Tibetan language, Gexe means knowledgeable. Six lamas received the honor of Lharampa, the highest of the four ranks in the Gexe system, in June this year."