Ramadan in America, 2002

December 1, 2002

Source: Herald-Leader


On December 1, 2002 the Herald-Leader reported that "born Michaela Colleen Jeffries, the Somerset, [Kentucky] resident and former Seventh-day Adventist converted to Islam in June, about a year after a tour of the Middle East led her to begin studying the Koran. 'Islam has given me an inner peace,' said Saleem, author of the autobiography Grasping for Love, about surviving abuse as a child. 'I love the cohesiveness of the Muslim people, their strong family orientation and values.' [She] joined other area Muslims yesterday to celebrate Ramadan, a month of consecration during which they do not eat or drink from dawn to dusk. The annual event is held by Saleem Qureshi, a local physician, and his wife, Amira, and family. Here, community members learn more about the Muslim faith and share a feast of ethnic foods and a message on community unity."