Rally Opposing Ethnic "Apartheid" in Malaysia Gains Support of Hindu American Foundation

February 9, 2008

Author: Press Release

Source: Hindu American Foundation


The Hindu American Foundation (HAF), a U.S. based human rights group, threw its support behind a rally planned to take place in front of the Malaysian Consulate in Los Angeles, California on Saturday, February 16, 2008. The rally, organized by American Hindus with familial ties to Malaysia, is to support human rights in Malaysia.

The organizers are calling for an end to the apartheid policies of the Malaysian government that favor ethnic Malay Muslims over other ethnic groups. The rally will focus attention on five leaders of the Hindu Rights Action Force (HINDRAF) that have been jailed under emergency laws considered draconian by most human rights observers. The five were jailed after they led a non-violent protest in the nation's capital in late November. HAF had been in touch with some of these leaders prior to their arrest, but they have been prevented from communicating with supporters since their incarceration.