Rajan Zed to Open Utah, Washington Senates with Hindu Prayers

January 27, 2008


Source: India Post News Service


NEW YORK: Ever since the Rajan Zed created history in July last year, by becoming the first Hindu to open the US Senate with a Hindu prayer, this Nevada-based priest has been on a roll.Setting one milestone after another, Zed has been conducting the opening prayers at various state senates, and participating in various local Nevada church and school events.

The latest in his rapidly increasing roster of firsts is his scheduled opening Hindu prayer in the Utah State Senate on February 13, and the Washington State Senate on February 22.Zed will read the opening prayer from ancient Hindu scriptures before Utah Senate in Salt Lake City on that day - a historic first, considering Utah is the world headquarters of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. It will also be a historic first for the Washington State Senate's 154 year history.