Raising Muslim Children in Wisconsin

June 25, 2003

Source: Marshfield News-Herald


On June 25, 2003 the Marshfield News-Herald reported that "unlike most of their American counterparts, 13-year-old Hassan, 10-year-old Uswa and 7-year-old Hussain scan everything first for a small K or UD on the food's packaging, signifiying that its contents are halal or kosher... Muslims are required by their religion to eat halal food - pork products are strictly forbidden, for instance - and looking for that symbol is so important, said their father, Qasim Raza... Raising Muslim children in central Wisconsin can be a challenge, Muslim parents said... Parents struggle to make the American culture jibe with the traditions of their homelands, said Mustafa Farooque of Marshfield. Farooque, and his wife, Ishrat Rafique, are originally from Bangladesh. They have two children, Zafir, 10, and Alma, 6... The Farooques speak their native tongue, Bangla. They also listen to Bangladeshi music and watch movies from their homeland... But at the same time, the kids enjoy cartoons, Pokémon and the Disney Channel, Farooque said."