Rabbi's Messages Unclear on Funding from Christians

May 10, 2004

Source: Ha-Aretz


On May 10, 2004 Ha-Aretz reported, "The ongoing battle in the religious sector over the status of The International Fellowship of Christians and Jews, a fund that transfers millions of dollars a year to Israel from Christian donors around the world, has seen a new development over the past fortnight. Some two weeks ago, Rabbi Mordechai Eliahu - one of the national-religious camp's most highly regarded halakhic authorities, alongside Rabbi Avraham Shapira - published a letter in which he backtracked on his ruling that Jews can enjoy the fund's bounty despite it being a gift from Christians. 'Now, it appears otherwise to me,' Eliahu wrote in his new letter. 'And as a result, I concur with what was written by the great rabbi, the genius Rabbi Avraham Shapira ... and, therefore, my statements or writings from before this letter are all null and void, and I am party to the prohibition.'"