Qur’an Found in Stockton Toilet

May 25, 2005

Source: KESQ

Wire Service: AP


On May 25, 2005 the Associated Press reported, "Campus police at San Joaquin Delta College are investigating a report that a student found a copy of the Quran in a library toilet at the college. The student claims to have found the Muslim holy book in the toilet of a second-floor men's bathroom in the library just after 7:00 Wednesday evening. Campus police Sergeant Geff Greenwood said the student removed the book from the toilet and placed it on a bathroom shelf before contacting the police. The scenario mirrors one described in a retracted Newsweek article that led to deadly riots in Afghanistan and protests in other Muslim nations last week. That Newsweek article, citing unidentified sources, claimed interrogators at Guantanamo Bay had flushed a Quran down a toilet to intimidate detainees."