Queen Shows Support for Sikh Community, Visits Gurdwara

October 16, 2004

Source: The Telegraph


On October 16, 2004 The Telegraph reported, "The Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh yesterday showed their support for Britain’s Sikh community by paying a respectful and dignified visit to a gurdwara in Hounslow, west London. In Britain, unlike America, there is little danger of Sikhs being mistaken for bearded followers of Osama bin Laden but the Queen clearly thinks there is no harm in the royal family playing its part in helping to keep race relations harmonious in troubled times. In any case, the royal family always has had good relations with the Sikh community, partly because of the long military connection. Another reason is that the Sikhs are a vibrant part of the immigrant population, if the second and third generations can be included in this category."