Quad Cities Anti-Hate Coalition Speaks Out Against Anti-Muslim Bigotry

February 8, 2005

Source: Quad City Times


On February 8, 2005 the Quad City Times reported, "last month the Quad-Cities Anti-Hate Coalition reviewed a transcript from Don Imus’ radio show broadcast by MSNBC. During his program, his guest referred to Palestinians as 'filthy animals' and made several derogatory and inflammatory comments about Muslims and people from the Middle East... Several hundred Muslim families, (mostly physicians and professionals) and many Palestinians (both Christian and Muslim), live and work peacefully here in the Quad-Cities among their neighbors of all faiths. The comments made in Don Imus’ broadcast should be offensive to us all... As members of the Quad-Cities Anti-Hate Coalition, we found Don Imus’ broadcast to be intolerant, bigoted and ignorant. Our organization, dedicated to fostering a community environment of tolerance, encourages everyone to be vigilant for bigotry and hatred in our community and nationally, and to speak out against it whenever it occurs. We will not support programming that is so blatantly bigoted against any group, and hope that any American respectful of the diversity of their nation’s community will do the same."