Putting Their Faith Into the Foreclosure Fight

January 11, 2010

Author: Jenifer B. McKim

Source: The Boston Globe


For Nylton Andrade, preventing home foreclosures is not just a personal priority. It’s a matter of religious faith.

Andrade, who was laid off from a teaching job at Boston’s Madison Park High School in June, is hoping to save his family’s house in Brockton after falling behind on mortgage payments. But the evangelical Christian is also part of a faith-based effort to prevent foreclosures for millions of others across the United States.

“Refresh others and you will be refreshed,’’ said Andrade, 32, citing Proverbs 11:25.

Members of religious organizations have rallied in front of the Treasury Department and met with government regulators, White House officials, and lawmakers to talk about reforming lending.

Tomorrow, Andrade plans to join a group of religious leaders from around the country in Antioch, Calif., where they are scheduled to talk with Bank of America Corp. officials about modifying more home loans. Hundreds of families are expected to gather nearby for a prayer rally.