Promote Diversity Celebrate Difference: NYC Multifaith Forum on Religious Identity

November 10, 2006

Source: Sikh Sangat News

"The day that Hindus see Parmatma in all, Jews see Al Shadai in everyone, Muslims see Allah in all and Sikhs see VaaheGuroo in everything, all wars will stop and the earth will become the promised land,” 16 yr old Tejkaran Kaur told the Forum.

Prejudice breeds when diversity and difference is not celebrated. This was the resounding message delivered to 150 participants at the Multifaith Forum on Identity in New York city , organized by UNITED SIKHS, Religions for Peace, the Interfaith Center of New York and The Sikh Cultural Society New York .

Participants drew upon their theological and philosophical understandings to address particular issues relating to identity in contemporary society. In a world that is continually clashing over identity, especially religious identity, it is becoming more and more important to find a way out, the Forum concluded.

The Multifaith Identity Forum, the first of a series, heard how different identities had experienced conflict and need to seek unity in diversity.

Jennifer Rapoport, Assistant Director, New York Defamation League, said, “More than fighting anti-Semitism, we strive to secure safety and justice for all. Most of our work is on interfaith education. Prejudice results from not knowing the other side.”