Profiling Debate Heats Up in London

August 3, 2005

Source: News24,,2-10-1462_1748404,00.html

On August 3, 2005 News24 reported, "Young Muslim men in the British capital and nationwide have been angered by an announcement by British Transport Police (BTP) that 'people from certain ethnic minorities' were 'more likely to be stopped and searched' in the wake of the recent bombings... Ian Johnston, chief constable of the BTP, fanned the flames by saying that his officers were not planning 'to search little old white ladies.' 'These are very unhelpful and ill-judged comments,' said Abdul Ullah, a member of the Metropolitan Police (MET) Authority Monday. Noting that incidences of 'stop-and-search' among British Muslims and Asians had increased by 300% since the September 11 attacks in the United States, Ullah said the remarks also played into the hands of the terrorists. 'The government is sending out a conflicting message. It should engage with Moslems to help us root out these people,' he said."