A Professional Witch

October 27, 2000

Source: The San Francisco Chronicle

On October 27, 2000, The San Francisco Chronicle published an article about the work of Jo Ellen Michelle , a professional witch. Ms. Doney convenes a group, and the fall equinox ritual is described. "Due to inherent fire danger they use a flashlight instead of a flame to light up the small area. Members of the coven hold hands in the circle and begin chanting and walking counterclockwise around the altar. They welcome the north, the south, east and west. They welcome the names of forces from the pages of mythology, as this white-magic ritual is steeped deeply in metaphysical history. On this night, they are also performing a banishing dance, casting away any bad energy that has surrounded the individual members of the coven over the past year. " Beyond celebrations, Ms. Doney has a private practice where she prescribes spells to assist individuals, mostly in matters of the heart. She is a "follower of Wicca, a Pagan theology that is largely based on symbols, seasonal days of celebration and deities from ancient Celtic society. Followers of Wicca, says Doney, are in tune with the earth and use many herbs and roots in their practice. "