Princeton University to Host First-Ever Hinduism Week

March 27, 2009

Author: Arthur J. Pais

Source: Rediff India Abroad

Princeton, one of America's eight Ivy League universities and widely regarded as one of the world's leading universities, is creating history.

For the first time, the New Jersey-based university which was founded in 1746 and where Albert Einstein taught for many years and which is also home to Nobel Laureate Toni Morrison, will hold a week full of celebrations related to Hinduism.

Although student groups have presented a Hinduism week at Princeton in previous years, the organisers said this is the first year the celebration will be hosted by the Office of Hindu Life founded last year. And this sponsorship gives the event a high official profile.

Called Hinduism in the 21st Century: A week of Awareness and Celebration, the March 28-April 5 events will explore the intersection of India's spiritual traditions with the modernity of American life. The events are co-sponsored by the student group, Hindu Satsangam.

Organisers believe the celebrations will not only resonate with Hindu students and professors and staff and Princeton's Hindu community, but also serve as an impetus for those from the broader community to learn more about the faith. The events will be of interest to over 1,000 Indian families in and around Princeton.