Priests Welcome Plans to Build Mosque in Casale Monferrato

April 28, 2004

Source: AGI online

On April 28, 2004 AGI online reported, "'We see no motive to place an obstacle to prayer for the Moslem community in our parish,' said in a note one of the priests of the diocese of Casale Monferrato, published by the Religious Information Service of the Italian Church, in answer to the polemics raised by the project for a new mosque in the facilities purchased by the Islamic community in the outskirts of Casale. 'We invite our faithful to welcome the immigrants who contribute to our city with their work with an open heart,' said the priests who added: 'even if we call on him using different names, we adore the same and sole God.' In the note, the priests took note of the need to distinguish between 'those who belong to the greatest part of the Islamic tradition who express tolerance, who pray, and who have faith in God and who give alms to the poor from the minority fringe of Islam which is fanatical and fundamentalist.' But, confronted with the transmigration of peoples, the priests of Casale said: 'We are illuminated by the faith to see in this challenge of the XXI century not so much a danger as an excellent occasion to teach and propose our view of the world and the values in our faith.' The note ended with 'an invitation that prayers from churches, synagogues and mosques by men of goodwill would contribute to engendering dialogue, understanding and respect for all.'"