Priest from the Church of England Embraces Hinduism, Prompts Debate

September 16, 2006


On September 16, 2006 reported, "In a twist to the religious conversion debate, a Christian priest from the Church of England has reportedly converted to Hinduism. He says he is entitled to say holy mass in Church. That has started a debate in the Anglican Church, and the church is reportedly under pressure to take a position on this issue. David Ananda Hart worships his gods though he's recently adopted a new religion. The 52-year-old man has always been religious as a priest for the Church of England and now as a staunch Hindu. But he sees no conflict of interest or devotion, for him it's about worshipping god. He's a practising Hindu in India who teaches English and once he returns to England he will go back to being an Anglican priest... At a time when religious differences seem to be tearing the world apart, David the author of a book called Trading Faith feels his beliefs brings people together."