Press Release: President Bush's Message Commemorating Guru Nanak's Birth-Anniversary

November 17, 2002

Source: Sikh Council On Religion & Education

On November 17, 2002 Sikh Council On Religion & Education issued a press release that stated, "President George W. Bush has sent his warm greetings to Sikhs across America on the 533rd birth-anniversary of Guru Nanak, the founder of Sikhism.  The Sikh community in the U.S. is celebrating this auspicious occasion from 16th - 24th November in their respective congregations. 'America is strengthened by the rich cultural and religious diversity of its people.  By preserving your customs and sharing your loving and compassionate faith, Sikhs contribute to America's vibrant spiritual foundation.' The Sikh Council On Religion & Education and Guru Gobind Singh Foundation, both based in Washington has worked closely with the Bush Administration and has received similar messages from the White House from the last five years."