Presbyterian Church and Hindu Temple in Albany Join Forces for Interfaith Charity Event

October 8, 2005

Source: Times Union

On October 8, 2005 the Times Union reported, "On Sunday, October 9, [the congregations of the Loudonville Presbyterian Church and the Hindu Temple Society of Albany] will host an inaugural interfaith event, a charity bake sale at the Hindu Temple. The proceeds will benefit families devastated by Hurricane Katrina and families affected by war, famine and disease in Zimbabwe. 'We have created a partnership for "good things." This event is symbolic as we hope to continue to work together to help others and demonstrate to other congregations that different denominations can work side by side for the common good,' said Bala K. Balasubramanian, a member of The Hindu Temple Society who has been organizing the event... The interfaith partnership, called In the Light of Peace We Stand, was an idea that grew out of the Loudonville church's goal to better understand other religions. Members of the Hindu Temple and the church met several times in past months to learn more about each other's religion and to study different philosophies and approaches to peacemaking and justice."