Poll of British Muslims: 40% Want Shariah, 20% Sympathize with London Bombers

February 19, 2006

Source: The Telegraph


On February 19, 2006 The Telegraph reported, "The findings of today's ICM poll on the attitudes of British Muslims, which are described as 'alarming' by a leading Muslim Labour MP, present a complex overall picture. They show growing radicalism among Muslim communities and will provide serious food for thought not only for Islamic leaders but also senior politicians. Startlingly, 40 per cent of British Muslims want to see Islamic sharia law in force in UK communities which are predominantly Muslim, while 20 per cent say they have some sympathy with the 'feelings and motives' of the July 7 bombers. Nearly two-thirds believe the video scenes of British troops beating Iraqi youths shown on TV last week were symptomatic of a more widespread problem in Iraq, while exactly half do not believe the soldiers responsible will be 'appropriately punished'. However, four in five say they still want to live in and accept Western society. More than nine in 10 say they feel personally 'loyal' to Britain. Martin Boon, the ICM polling expert, has surveyed the sample group of 500 Muslims on several occasions in the past and counts them as moderate."