Police Raid Muslim-Dominated Areas in Search of Bombing Suspects

July 18, 2006

Source: The China Post

Wire Service: Reuters


On July 18, 2006 Reuters reported, "Indian police officers scoured Mumbai's slums and largely Muslim ghettos on Monday, looking for suspects in last week's railway network bombings and pursuing several leads. Hundreds of people, mostly minority Muslims, have been questioned and dozens detained since the July 11 blasts on crowded commuter trains and platforms that killed at least 200 people and wounded hundreds. But no formal arrests have been made so far in the incident that has set back a budding rapprochement between nuclear-armed rivals, India and Islamic neighbor Pakistan. On Sunday, central and state government officials said investigations were making good progress, but on Monday a senior officer involved in the probe was more cautious. 'There are leads. Some are still being pursued; some have yielded no results,' he said, speaking on condition of anonymity. 'The raids will continue. Muslim-dominated areas are under our scanner.'"