Poignant Ceremony In Pattaya Offers Support to Monks In Restive South Thailand

June 30, 2009

Author: Staff Writer

Source: The Buddhist Channel/Pattaya Daily News


Sattahip Buddhists joined in a special ceremony on 27th June 2009 to donate offerings to 1500 Buddhist monks of the 226 temples in the Southern part of Thailand. The ceremony was a gesture of support to the region which has suffered from 4 years of violence.

The ceremony was supported by various local organizations, including the navy base, Sattahip municipality, the Sattahip Buddhist association, The Gulayamitr association and the Chonburi Culture and Environment association. The offerings included dry food, rice, personal items and cash.

Vice Admiral Sriwisut Ratharoon, Commander in chief of the navy, Sattahip, revealed the purpose of the ceremony was to offer support to the 266 temples in the 4 southernmost provinces of southern Thailand. Since the year 2004 the level of violence in the area has been increasing, and there seems to be no solution in sight. He said the Sattahip associations would do the best they can to help those who are suffering from the effects of the conflict.