Planting Peace, One Tree at a Time

May 5, 2007

Author: Marion Lang

Source: The Dunn County News

Three women — one Christian, one Muslim and one Jewish — all of whom who have survived years of discord and conflict living in Israel/Palestine, recently spoke in Menomonie.

They shared stories of courage, strength and a vision for re-shaping their troubled country. Huda Abu Arqoub, a Muslim Palestinian, Amal Nassar, a Christian Palestinian and Tal Dor a Jewish Israeli, opened doors of understanding, offering in-sights and perspectives not often covered by the media.

Decades of conflict and violence in Israel and Palestine over the ownership of land sacred to Christians, Muslims and Jews, has heightened fear, distrust and hatred between Palestinians and Israelis.

While political leaders initiate peace talks, missiles continue to be launched on Israeli and Palestinian towns, suicide bombers attack the markets, and towering cement walls twist along the boundaries of West Bank and impede access to family, jobs and medical facilities. Government regulations create obstacles to economic opportunity and education, building deep resentment that supports retaliation, more control and continued struggle.