Plant Flap Latest Work-Religion Clash in U.S. Labor History

September 22, 2008

Author: Harold Reutter

Source: The Grand Island Independent

Ahmed Yusif said he quit his job at JBS Swift & Co. because of the controversy over adjusting employees' break time so Muslim workers could better observe Ramadan.

In a phone interview with the Independent, Yusif gave a succinct reason for his decision to quit: "No pray, no work."

Yusif said that if Swift would allow prayers during work times, as a group of Somalis had requested, he would quickly return to work. "I need the money," he said.

He said he has applied at the Tyson plant in Lexington because he believes he will be allowed to pray at that plant. He was waiting for a phone call to see if he had been hired.

Yusif's decision apparently is one of choosing religious observance over work.

In America, believers across the religious board must make such decisions.