In Plano, TX Social Justice Arises From the Suburbs

April 13, 2004

Source: The Dallas Morning News

On April 13, 2004 The Dallas Morning News reported, "Privacy fences. Big houses. Corporate campuses. That's what you see when you drive across Plano, one of Texas' wealthiest and most influential suburbs. You might not think the cause of social justice has much traction there or, for that matter, in any suburb. The common image of the Planos, the Greenwichs and the Orange counties is that they're filled with families who have fled bad urban schools, want to wall themselves off from poverty and work at a fancy Fortune 500 headquarters. And that this is Christian right territory, complete with megachurches. But there's a surprising phenomenon unfolding in Plano. Some residents are hungering to connect with others. And they're organizing around issues of social justice. Several of them recently gathered for a roundtable interview at St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Catholic Church in Plano. They came from different denominations. But they're working together as members of Plano Area Interfaith, which counts Christians, Jews and Muslims as participants."