Planned Hindu Temples Reflect Influx of Diversity in Palm Beach

November 3, 2003

Source: Sun-Sentinel,0,2100975.story?coll=sfla-news-palm

On November 3, 2003 the Sun-Sentinel reported that the Florida Hindu Cultural and Religious Association bought 2.7 acres near Royal Palm Beach two years ago in order to construct a Hindu Temple. They still needs about $200,000 to build the structure." The temple is one of two mandirs planned for Palm Beach County by Hindus of Indian descent from Trinidad and Guyana. The other is slated for a site near the Lantana Road and Florida's Turnpike intersection, said Baldath Maharaj, that temple's priest... Plans for construction of two new mandirs in Palm Beach County reflect the growing number of Trinidadian and Guyanese Hindus in the area, Heman and Maharaj said. In addition to the two Caribbean mandirs, there's a temple in Boynton Beach that draws mainly Indian Hindus."