Photo Exhibit: Freedom and Fear: Bay Area Muslims after September 11, 2001

September 3, 2002

Source: Mercury News

On September 3, 2002 Mercury News reported on "a month-long photo exhibit that opened Sunday at San Francisco [California] City Hall, called 'Freedom and Fear: Bay Area Muslims after September 11, 2001,' [photographed by documentary photographer Rick Rocamora, a Roman Catholic-raised Filipino immigrant]. The exhibit captures Ashan Syed of the Muslim Community Association in San Jose, beginning to pray in Cesar Chavez park. It shows facets of everyday University of California-Berkeley life, featuring Alla Abdo, a graduate of the Granada School in Santa Clara. And there are light moments... A day of paintball in Santa Cruz... In the photos, Cal students are suiting up at a place called Adventure Group Tag, donning the required protective headgear over their hijabs, crawling in the underbrush. 'The impression is that Muslim women can't do anything in those hijabs,' Rocamora said. 'Hah.'"