Pakistan Sends Message, Fixes Temple

March 25, 2007

Author: Parul Malhotra

Source: IBN-live

Katasraj: Katasraj, a sixth century Hindu temple complex in Pakistan's Punjab, is being renovated by the Pakistani government that is keen to show off its pluralistic heritage and a new found friendship with India.

Professor Yaseen Siddiqui, an amateur archaeologist says he's glad that Pakistan is finally caring for its temples and havelis. But is saddened by the pace of work.

“I feel it's a bit slow, it should be expedited,” says Siddiqui.

In the harsh sunlight, the ruins of the temple complex tell their own story. Once partition happened and the Hindu settlers left, the temples and the havelis which stood ignored and forgotten started to crumble into dust.

However, their destruction and resurrection struck a chord with the only tourists we meet all day.