Pagan Practitioners In Basin Keep Beliefs Hush-Hush

June 29, 2009

Author: Matthew McGowan

Source: Odessa American Online

When you think of pagans, chances are you've got it all wrong.

Many see them as soulless and godless Devil worshippers who cast spells and sacrifice animals.

But at least two local pagans beg to differ with this stereotype, instead offering a more peaceful and community-oriented glimpse at the religious classification, which itself is broad and encompasses a large variety of different beliefs and practices.

In the interest of the family's privacy, they asked to only be identified by their pagan names, Naddya Foxfire and Aratkis, a wife and husband, respectively, who live and work in Odessa.

And they're not alone.

The duo said they have a sizable social circle - as many as 25 people - of fellow pagans in the Permian Basin who get together and practice their common beliefs, which tend to vary significantly within the broader term of "pagan."