Pagan Picnic in Midwest

August 5, 2000

Source: Star Tribune

On August 5, 2000, the Star Tribune reported on the eighth annual St. Louis Pagan Picnic, sponsored by the Council for Alternative Spiritual Traditions (CAST). The event drew over 2,000 to Tower Grove Park in St. Louis, and included vendors from all over the country in addition to informal workshops on subjects such as a "Teen Chat on Paganism" and the "Pros and Cons of Coming out of the Broom Closet." Picnic organizer Kris Dolgos explained that while it is great for the Pagan community to get together, it is not the only reason for the gathering. "'We want to educate the public about who we are. We know there are a lot of people seeking information about alternative religions. Since we don't believe in proselytizing, this is a friendly way to make information available.'

"CAST also believes the picnic is an opportunity to show the general public that pagans are not to be feared. "I think if more people were aware of what goes on in our rituals, they'd be less afraid or against them,'" Dolgos said."