Pagan Council Speaks to End Stereotypes

March 15, 2007

Author: Ben Munson

Source: Advance Titan

With the lights turned down low, Fox Valley Pagan Unity Council member Penny Goody led a group of people seated in a large circle through a guided meditation filled with imagery of nature. Some of the participants were sitting up and some of them were lying on their backs, but they all had their eyes closed as they listened intently to Goody’s words. When the meditation concluded, hand drummers provided music for the participants to dance to as the ceremony closed.

The ceremony celebrated the coming of Ostara, a pagan holiday recognizing the spring equinox, when the energies of the world shift to spring.

“I think (paganism) is about being a witch and worshipping nature; it’s not evil, it’s just I don’t believe in paganism,” said Jenny Langfitt, a university employee and non-denominational Christian.

Not surprisingly, subjects like paganism are often misconstrued and in turn fall victim to stereotypes.

Shane Dvorjac, president of the Religious Studies Student Club, said that the club’s motivation for putting on this event, as with most of its events, is education.