Pagan Cluster Protests Militarism at School of the Americas, Harrassed by Police

December 7, 2004

Source: Reclaiming Quarterly

On December 7, 2004 Reclaiming Quarterly reported, "Protesters, including the Pagan Cluster, experienced an alarming evolution in security techniques deployed at the School of the America's peace rally and prayer vigil, November 19-21, 2004 at Fort Benning Military Base in Columbus, Georgia. Some 16,000 people participated in the annual vigil, one of the largest of the SOA Watch protests recorded... The Pagan Cluster for this action was made up of Witches and Pagans from across the country who are called by conscience to vigil at the SOA. Engaging in magical activism, the Cluster helped build a web of life and encouraged people to write prayers of transformation upon the cloth strips. Others chalked peace labyrinths and blessings on the street. The web was provided by Vida of The Fifth Estate. The Cluster's presence at SOA protests over the years has provided increasing opportunities for expressions of Earth-based spirituality for many vigilers, and has been welcomed by SOA Watch organizers." The article goes on to detail the various ways in which the Pagan Cluster was harrased by police at the protest.