Oxford Centre for Hindu Studies Granted Official Status

June 21, 2006

Source: Hinduism Today


On June 21, 2006 Hinduism Today reported, "Oxford University has granted the status of Recognized Independent Centre to the Oxford Centre for Hindu Studies (OCHS) - the world's leading centre for the study of Hindu traditions. OCHS is the younger of the first two institutions to be granted this status by Oxford University. It comes after just seven years of teaching, publishing and conducting research about all aspects of Hindu culture. The new formal status, 'Recognized Independent Centre of Oxford University,' has been created by Oxford University to acknowledge independent institutions that are working with the University in research and teaching. Prof Gavin Flood, Academic Director of the Centre, spoke of the significance of the Centre's new status: 'Recognized Independent Centre of Oxford University is a title we are proud to bear. It is an official recognition by Oxford University that we are its principal provider in the field of Hindu Studies, and thus a duly constituted member of the University's community.'"