Oslo Plans to Ban Hijab in Schools

June 21, 2006

Source: All Headline News


On June 21, 2006 All Headline News reported, "Adding to the list of European countries, the Norwegian capital also plans to ban the Muslim headdress in Oslo's schools. Oslo's city council have been told by lawyers at the Ministry of Education that the ban wouldn't be illegal under Norwegian law. According to a report by Reuters, the council wants to ban the burqa or niqab, which covers the face, insisting that teachers cannot do their job properly without seeing their students' faces, the head of the city's education department Toerger Odegaard said. 'We will introduce a ban after the summer holidays at the end of August,' he told Reuters on Wednesday... The move has annoyed Muslims in Norway, which has large Pakistani and Somali minorities concentrated mainly in Oslo, who argue that the ban was an encroachment on personal freedom."