Oregon Community Leaders Urge Tolerance in Wake of War in Iraq

March 26, 2003

Source: Springfield News


On March 26, 2003 the Springfield News reported that "without supporting or opposing the U.S.-led war with Iraq, local law enforcement and community leaders gathered Tuesday in Springfield to denounce acts of hate against Arab and Muslim Americans... City, county, state and federal officials gathered at City Hall to warn potential trouble-makers they will face legal consequences if they choose to harass people because of their ethnicity or religious beliefs... 'Today we are not here in either support or opposition to the conflict that is happening in Iraq,' Springfield Mayor Sid Leiken said. 'Instead, we are here as citizens of the Eugene-Springfield community, standing up and showing our strong support to our Arab American and Muslim friends...' Tammam Adi of the Islamic Cultural Center in Eugene ended the joint news conference by urging people to stop fearing men and women of different skin colors."