Ordinary Lives of Muslims on Show

April 23, 2008

Author: Frances Harrison

Source: BBC News


A storytelling exhibition called Peace by Piece has opened at the Menier Chocolate Factory in Southwark in south London that aims to challenge some of the stereotypes about Muslims.

A recent study by the Institute of Community Cohesion found Britain is home to the most diverse range of Muslim communities in the western world, but too often they are represented as one homogenous group linked to extremism and terror.

The exhibition displays portraits, along with quotations, to showcase the ordinariness of Muslim lives in London - the kind of thing that never hits the headlines.

"Many people have no idea really about the reality of Islam - all they know is some people strap bombs to themselves and blow other people up and that's what they think Islam is," says Erbil Celebi, a black cab driver of Turkish origin born in London.