Opinion: War Against Radical Islam is a "War of Values," We Must Defend Our Values Strongly

November 6, 2005

Source: The Boston Globe


On November 6, 2005 The Boston Globe ran an opinion piece by Globe columnist Jeff Jacoby on the U.S.'s attitude toward Islam. Jacoby writes, "Of course, it goes without saying that most Muslims are not terrorists. Of course many people professing Islam are compassionate and generous. Of course Islam should not be gratuitously insulted. But neither should it be sugar-coated or kowtowed to. Yet too many Western elites are unwilling to speak plainly about the problems within Islam itself, or to hold Muslim culture to what should be universal standards of decency and justice. Far from being 'too confrontational' in their attitude toward Islam, they have been too indulgent and deferential, careful never to say anything that might be deemed insensitive. One result has been an increase in extremist behavior: Witness the 'Eurofada' raging in the streets of Paris... The war against radical Islam is above all a war of values -- the values of liberty, equality, and human dignity against the values of jihad. The jihadis don't hesitate to proclaim their values. We must not be shy about defending ours."