Opinion: Muslims Should Vote for Kucinich, Not "Electable" Dean

January 6, 2004

Source: Muslim Wakeup


On January 6, 2004 Muslim Wakeup ran an opinion piece by Al-Muhajabah in which she writes, "There's a lot of debate among Muslims over who to vote for in the 2004 presidential primaries. The two candidates with the most support among Muslims are Howard Dean and Dennis Kucinich. While some Muslims believe that Dean has the best positions on the issues, many more Muslims are supporting Dean because they heard that he's the front-runner or because they think that he's 'electable' and Kucinich isn't. This includes Muslims who believe that Kucinich has the best positions on the issues. I believe that as Muslims, we should not just be participants in American society, but that we should seek to make America a better place. This is part of our duty to command what is right and prohibit what is wrong. As such, we need to stand up and speak out for our views. This is where the fallacy of the 'vote for Dean because he's electable' argument is apparent. The primaries are a time for citizens to express their view about what type of leadership we should have in this country and what types of policies we want to see."