Opinion: Governer Romney Invited to Visit a Utah Mosque

September 16, 2005

Source: The Salt Lake Tribune


On September 16, 2005 The Salt Lake Tribune ran an opinion piece by Maung Maung, General Secretary of the Islamic Society of Greater Salt Lake, inviting Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney to visit their mosque. "Mitt Romney alleged (Tribune, Sept. 16) that Muslims in the United States are being taught 'a doctrine of hate and terror in the Muslim places of worship.' He continued on by encouraging FBI and local police to wiretap and monitor activities at such places. We cordially invite Mr. Romney to visit our places of worship whenever he happens to visit Utah. We do not teach a doctrine of hate and terror in our mosques. We teach Islam (which means peace) and Islamic conduct, which includes, but is not limited to, respecting the law and living harmoniously with the neighbors. Mr. Romney should not advocate wasting our precious tax dollars on a witch hunt. Muslims in the United States are average Americans, working hard to make ends meet for our families while abiding by the laws of the country."