Opinion: Dialogues Will Not Prove Fruitful Unless Palestinians Recognize Legitmacy of Jewish State

June 16, 2005

Source: The Jerusalem Post


On June 16, 2005 The Jerusalem Post ran an opinion piece by Judea Pearl, "president of the Daniel Pearl Foundation, an organization that promotes cross-cultural understanding named after his son, a Wall Street Journal reporter murdered by terrorists in Pakistan in 2002." Pearl writes about conferences and dialogue on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, "The [US-Islamic World Forum, held in Doha, Qatar] was packed with hundreds of progressive pundits and activists from all sides who diligently discussed both the needs and the means for achieving democracy, reforms and renaissance in the Muslim world. And, as expected, there was hardly a Muslim speaker who did not stress the pivotal importance of seeing progress toward settling the Israeli-Palestinian conflict... [yet] in 2005, I still cannot name a single Muslim leader (or a journalist, or an intellectual) who has publicly acknowledged the Israeli-Palestinian conflict as a dispute between two legitimate national movements. One side dreams of a world without Israel, the other sees Israel as a major player in the democratization and economic development of the region."