Opinion: Christians Can Learn from Islam

July 7, 2005

Source: Holliston Tab


On July 7, 2005 the Holliston Tab ran an opinion piece by Christine Whittaker, a priest at St. Michael's Episcopal Church, Holliston. She and 11 other pastors from various Christian denominations are participating in a "week-long intensive course on Islam sponsored by the Center for Muslim-Christian Understanding at Georgetown University and the Duncan Black MacDonald Center at Hartford Seminary." Whittaker describes this course and its importance, "We are learning the basics about Islamic faith and history, as well as getting an introduction to the major topics in contemporary Islamic thought, including issues such as the role of women...  Too often, our perceptions of other faiths, especially Islam, are characterized by dangerous stereotypes and fears. Understanding our common roots, values and interests can break down prejudice and enable us to live and work together."