Opinion: Canadian Muslims Should Take Khadr Case as "Wake-Up Call"

December 8, 2003

Source: Toronto Star


On December 8, 2003 the Toronto Star ran an opinion piece by Raheel Raza, a media consultant and interfaith advocate in Toronto, in which she urged fellow Canadian Muslims to take note of the recent case of Abdurahman Khadr, a Canadian Muslim sent to a training camp in Afghanistan, as a "wake-up call." She writes, "Hate and racism are taught at home and children learn from the example of their parents. From the fall of the Buddha statues in Afghanistan to the burning of libraries in Iraq, we as a family have lobbied against injustice and shared our joys and sorrows with our friends of all faiths. We enjoy a langar (meal) in a Sikh Gurdwara on Dixie Rd. as much as we appreciate answering tough questions about Islam in churches or synagogues. I wonder if those who have enormous resentment in their hearts ever had the pleasure of driving along the 'spiritual strip' on Bayview Ave. where a Chinese temple, Zoroastrian temple, a mosque and synagogue stand side by side. If they did, they would be awed at the beauty and tolerance that lie at the heart of a country called Canada."