Opinion: “Muslims Must Be Loudest Voice Against Terrorism”

August 12, 2005

Source: Tucson Citizen


On August 12, 2005 the Tucson Citizen ran an opinion piece by a Tucson resident, Muhammad As'ad, who insists that Muslims must speak out against terrorism. "Perceptions of Islam have worsened since 9/11, with suicide bombings, beheadings of hapless victims and attacks on U.S. troops becoming all too commonplace. It's no wonder so many non-Muslims can't distinguish between what Islam teaches and what some of its so-called adherents do... As Muslims, if we observe another Muslim doing something wrong, it is our obligation - as their brother or sister in religion - to try to correct them... Today, Islam is on trial. It is the second-largest and fastest-growing religion (1.5 billion vs. Christianity's 1.9 billion), and many non-Muslims are afraid. I can't say I blame them. Muslims have no choice but to speak up. If nothing else, hopefully, none of our Muslim brothers or sisters will get caught up in the illusion of a jihad that isn't, but is really a one-way ticket to Jahannum (hell). This is why we must continue to speak - loudly and clearly - to be heard by everyone."