Open Letter from Religious Leaders to Governor Romney

September 27, 2005

Source: Jewish Alliance for Law and Social Action

On September 27, 2005 the Jewish Alliance for Law and Social Action issued an open letter to Governor Romney urging him to reconsider his remarks on wiretapping Islamic centers. The letter was signed by over 80 religious and academic leaders of various faiths, including Christians, Jews, Muslims and Sikhs. "As representatives of faith communities and organizations that care about religious freedom from around Massachusetts, we were saddened to learn that you are urging the government to monitor and wiretap religious communities in pursuit of the 'war on terror.' A war fought to preserve and defend our liberty should not claim religious liberty as its victim. The well-being of this country will be undermined if leaders encourage divisions on sectarian lines. The people may listen to appeals to their passion and to their prejudice. Yet government endorsement of bigotry and intolerance threatens the republic as surely as does the threat of physical attack. And when our leaders promote a regime of guilt by association upon a faith community, it diminishes religious liberty for all... We urge you to reconsider your message."